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This file contains all game relevant actions you and other players did in the game e. With this game, we can recalculate your game and debug it to find the exact source of your trouble.

Settlers® 3: Ultimate Collection на ubebojyjyd.tk

Specify the game time when you first experienced the bug the game time can be found in the upper right corner while playing. If you were playing a custom map, please attach the map. Without it, replaying the game won't be possible.

Describe what problem you experienced so that we can easily understand it. Many thanks in advance for helping to improve this game! After that, follow the detailed installation instructions for you platform.

2. Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri

Don't worry, if it is not running on your OS, we only need the graphics and sound files. In order to get them, you can also unzip the Amazons Demo exe file yes: Unpack the downloaded archive to wherever you want JSettlers' installation to be. Run the "JSettlers. Please select the respective folder and continue. Have fun and enjoy the game! Please have a look at the manual.

The current state of the game lacks some controls known from the original, but also contains new ways to do things, which you shouldn't miss. Install settlers3-demo-data if you don't own an original The Settlers III and select the following folder when the game asks you: See instructions above Configuration Flags As described before, the game's UI is still lacking a lot of features. Possible configurations include: Let all players be played by the AI.

You will be able to watch all AI players and to "assist" them during the game.

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Option to specify an AI type that shall be used for all AI players. The default behavior is to use a the weakest AI type for the first player and increase the difficulty for every player.

Settlers III Remake for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows

Possible values: If this flag is enabled, no AI players will be present in single player games. If you want to test a different localization than your systems default, it can be specify with this option. The value should look like: Android Enable installation of Apps from "Unknown Sources". The "JSettlers" folder must be located in the root directory of your internal storage alongside folders like "Download" or "DCIM" or your external storage e.

The Settlers III

Install JSettlers by running the downloaded file. Build instructions and developer's guide The build instructions and the developer's guide can be found in our wiki. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.

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Press h to open a hovercard with more details. Some refactorings to clean up code. Apr 16, Merge branch 'master' into ship-fixes. Apr 3, Jan 13, Merge branch 'master' into selection-modification. Jan 19, Jan 15, Jul 25, Jun 29, Merge branch 'master' of githubpaul: Jul 15, Apr 4, Fix AutoReplayIT.

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Sep 10, Update our maps to have the new preview image colors. May 31, Changed deploy script and encrypted deploy key to deploy to jsettlers…. Aug 14, Apr 9, Merge branch 'master'. So if you feel adventurous and are not afraid of crashes and bugs, feel free to regularly test our nightly builds to see the newest features, bugfixes and other improvements.

1. Napoleon: Total War

And as always: Our nightly builds can be found on GitHub in the settlers-nightlies repository. The builds are automatically added by our automated builds on Travis. In the settlers-nightlies repository, you will find builds from the master and some pull requests. All nightly builds are in folders named by the date they were created and the git hash. Unfortunately, GitHub orders them from old to new, so you have to scroll down to the bottom to get the newest builds. The git hash identifies the state of the source code and should always be attached when you create an issue, so we can inspect the right code.

Prerequisites In order to play JSettlers you need to fulfill the following requirements: On Android you need to have at least Android 4. Be aware that the original game does not need to be runnable on your platform. We only need its files.