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As for the comment that MAC's are faster editing computers, this is just plan false.

What Mac Should I Buy For Video Editing?

The primary difference in modern-day MAC's vs. PC's is the operating system. If I would have put another grand into it, I could have had dual top of the line graphics and a Raid array. I guess it all comes down to individual needs. For short films shot on a single 4k camera, you can spend about dollars, I spent on an Asus MD50, 16gb ram, rpm, i7 , 2 TB HDD with 4k monitor and it previews and edits 4K like it's nothing, although with GH4 I hear the file sizes are a bit friendlier to the PC. Anyway I haven't tested Adobe premiere to the hilt, but I put together a 7 minute min film, downscaled from 4K to p and it ran as smooth as silk, rendered in no time as well.

I very much doubt it's necessary to spend dollars unless you are making an FX-heavy feature film. I have an iMac with Processor 3. Is that suitable to be able to edit 4K footage??

Ideal iMac for Video Editing

I tried to open a file with no success. Please forgive me but I wanted to pontificate a little…or maybe its whine…. I sort of have grown to hate this hardware aspect anymore…. I was versed on what was what back then but when I look at specs now I find myself lost…so I guess I need to spend more countless hours figuring out what is what in the realm of PC hardware….. See, I had picked up a Sony PXW-X70 camera last december and recently upgraded to 4k to take advantage of the rebate sony was offering.

But since CS6 doesnt support 4k, I loaded Resolve just look at the test footage. System wont play it without bad stuttering. Ok, so more reason to look at upgrading right? I just want to edit. I read the comments about the mac performance, etc, etc, etc. Well, actually I do have two Mac Pro cheesegrater, a full updated 1. So, the MP 1. I had read that its happens to a lots of people. Normally I have always used the hdd as a project and media drives, because in my case that I use Avid Media Composer the files and folders generated by the software for the project weigh very little and then it would seem a waste to use an entire SSD to occupy so little space.

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This article is severely outdated with computer information concerning AMD and the current motherboard supports of PCIe 3. Heck, my Ryzen 7 X 8 core 16 thread 4. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Sign up.

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We know it's eye-wateringly expensive. But Apple's brand new iMac Pro is the new daddy of computers for designers: If you're after a more affordable model, try the excellent iMac at number two, above. So what do you get for your money? Firstly, there's the inch 5K resolution, which is 43 per cent brighter than standard Apple Retina monitors and delivers up to an astonishing one billion colours. There aren't too many screens around that will flatter your footage more. Starting with an 8-core Intel Xeon processor, the least expensive iMac Pro option is already immensely powerful, with an outrageous core option for those who can afford it.

And it's not short on ports, either, with four Thunderbolt 3. Plus, of course you get the benefit of the platform's formidable Final Cut Pro X editing software as well. Read more about the new iMac Pro. Intel Pentium U - Core i7 Graphics: Complete with monitor, mouse and keyboard, it's not easy to find exceptional quality computing for under a grand. But this Lenovo PC is an adequate option if you're on a tight budget. If you're somebody requiring a heavyweight machine for professional video editing all day everyday, this machine probably isn't going to quite cut the mustard.

It's worth noting that you can buy an even cheaper AMD-based version, but it will be less powerful and you get a smaller monitor. Image 1 of 3.

Image 2 of 3. Even so, the performance and outstanding display are worth the additional weight when deadlines are right around the corner. This model has four USB 3. What else could you possibly need? Video editing is definitely resource intensive, but laptops have finally become flexible and powerful enough to handle the task with aplomb. Now read: Best Laptops for Photo Editing. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Post a Comment Comment. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

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