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The bellwether of your finances - Banktivity automatically calculates your savings rate so you always know how quickly you are building wealth. Banktivity automatically gives you a breakdown of your net worth through time. A consistently increasing net worth is an indicator of good financial health. Banktivity shows you valuable investment metrics like short and long term gains, dividend returns, IRR internal rate of return , ROI return on investment and even performance of individual lots.

An integrated portfolio shows you the big picture. Meet Nancy! She does all of our webinars to make sure you get off on the right path. Nancy is an excellent and friendly teacher. Our blog on money. Learning is a life long journey. Approachable and professional, our US-based technical support specialists are available for live chat 7 days a week. We aren't in the businesses of mining your personal financial data. We don't sell your data to advertisers and we don't try to sell you financial products like more credit cards or insurance.

Our cloud sync is built with device-based end-to-end encryption. That means your data is never in transit without being encrypted first. We put our money where our mouth is. If you aren't completely satisfied, just ask for your money back within 90 days of your purchase. This offer is only good if you buy the software directly from us. We can't issue refunds when purchased through the Mac App Store or Amazon. Get Your Free Trial Today. Start my free trial. The Mac App Store is almost exactly 8 years old as I write this it was first released to the public on January 6, When we first heard Read blog.

Welcome new followers and customers! We got some more great Banktivity webinars tomorrow. It isn't too late to sign… https: Follow IGGSoftware.

How To Delete / Clear Cache in Football Manager

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See The Big Picture Stop guessing about what you can and cannot afford. Savings Make sure you have an adequate emergency fund to weather the rough times. Growth Keep track of your long term plays like your retirement and home value.

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Light Mode Dark Mode. Summary view gives you the big picture of your finances. Put your extra screen real estate to use with Workspaces. New Calendar view let's you see past and upcoming transactions, net worth and investment performance. Our streamlined editor makes updating your records a breeze. Locate transactions in any account with our global Find feature. Rein in your spending with powerful budgeting tools. Me Oh God, no. Me I do, I really do.

I love taking over a team and assessing the squad. I like to assemble a backroom staff, prepare a coaching routine, get the youngsters mentored by senior pros, practise set pieces, deploy scouts, everything. And then I never just play with the first team. But when I get on Football Manager, suddenly I become the most meticulous man in the world.

Everything is planned and prepped, the future is mapped out. Me I feel like a god, sat astride a mountain, staring down at the mortals as they scurry like ants, desperate to do my bidding, fearful of my wrath. Is that weird? Dr Sorry. If you think about work, for example, some people are not control freaks at work because they are unable to manipulate people in that sense. But they might be in their own home, with cleanliness, or where the remote control is kept.

But if you change the environment, you can change the behaviour. You must feel you have more control in this Football Manager environment. Dr Yes, but only to a certain extent. Your influence is limited. But you do in the game. Dr Maybe…. Perhaps influence is what you feel you lack and this game gives it to you in great quantity.

Me OK. What is it about always wanting one more game, always wanting one more match? Why am I sometimes sat downstairs on my sofa at 1am, my living room illuminated only by the glow of my laptop as I push deep into the night in pursuit of a pretend trophy? Think about horse racing fans always wanting one more race, gamblers unable to walk away from a fruit machine. Dr Yep. Some people are addicted to basic principles or linear relationships.

You have a drink and you feel good.

They like that simplicity. Then there are lot of people who like the complexities of other relationships.

How To Delete / Clear Cache in Football Manager • Passion4FM

With this sort of game there are so many possibilities, so many permutations. You could literally play Football Manager a hundred times and have a different result every time. Dr Exactly. Your personality is going to come out somehow in the game itself. Are you impulsive in the transfer market? Me No. I always make sure that my signings are the result of thorough scouting and extensive deliberation.

Dr Instability is good. Not reckless instability. Dr Of course, of course. What I mean is that your personality is flexible. In real life, you can behave as you do because the ramifications are not especially dramatic. Your work only pays your bills, Football Manager delivers hits of pleasure. Dr Not at all. Football Manager is what appeals to you. Not big fat lines of cocaine. But is it a bad thing that I occasionally imagine conversations with my players?

Me Well, this is all very encouraging. People who have taken these things too far?

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  • Dr Oh yes. But these are extremes. Me [sings] Layla. Distracted from friendlies, Layla. Dr [shudders] Anyway, anything like this, anything that you enjoy will get your endorphins flowing. That will amplify the positive feeling. Your subconscious enjoys Football Manager, it enjoys winning, it enjoys the alternative reality that you create.

    Rob Smyth - The Joy of Six: great Championship/Football Manager players

    This, for want of better phrase, is your drug. Dr Is it a problem? Or is it just something you enjoy? Is it negatively impacting anything in your life?