Volume buttons on mac not working

When both keyboards give the same results it means that it must be something on the software? I would still visit the Apple Store to see if they can explain it. I'm at a loss why the external is likewise having the mis-mapped function keys as well. I figured a way to fix the Screen brightess and volume keys by using Keyboard Maestro and mapping these. However now my life works again, but the only problem is rest of the keys.

I am afraid of going to Apple Store and they taking my Macbook or something because I repaired it by myself. You'll be fine! All they can do is say no. There have been times they have pulled a rabbit out of the hat for me so don't be so quick not to go unless its just not possible. Show 3 more comments. The trackpad was probably damaged by a bulging battery pushing and breaking the trackpad due to poor design. Has it really been that long since the late S.

On the external USB Apple keyboard everything works correct. Hi, I'm wondering whether you have found a solution as I have an issue just now which sounds a little similar Volume up key F12 reduces screen brightness as well as affecting volume, and screen brightness key affects brightness AND volume I am not v technologically minded - you sound like you are wondering about re-installing OS? My MacBook Air has Mojave installed presently, but this has been installed for perhaps about a month and issue only started yesterday January 25 by csmis.

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Alan Doski alandoski Rep: So yesterday I successfully changed my Macbook Pro Early trackpad. I can't manage to get the factory commands back. I really don't know how this happened. Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 2. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Most Helpful Answer. Dan danj Rep: Have you tried deleting and reloading the 'Input Source' keyboard? I would recommend setting up a second keyboard first USB or Bluetooth just to be safe here!

Was this answer helpful? I posted a picture now. J M Rep: Can you handle another expression of gratitude? Have had the problem in the past, didn't remember what I'd done to remedy, tried this and it didn't work and second time it did. Thanks much for sharing! Woo Hoo!

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Took a few times. Like others, I missed the part about turning off the sound. Finally worked with IT2's solution. With headphones in, hit mute on and off, pulled out the headphones and I have speakers again! Just had this exact thing happen. Did a quick google search and came across your site.

The fix worked exactly as you described Joe. This didn't work for me. I unplugged the headphones and it set itself back to optical. IT2's solution did not work either. I just fixed the problem, after none of the above worked, by just plugging in and unplugging the headphones like 15 times.

Fix Mac Volume Buttons Not Working on macos Mojave, High Sierra

If I pull out headphones, yes, it changes to digital out, but then the icon greys out again and I am once again unable to alter the sound levels. However, I am please that I can at least use headphones or speakers cuz I am currently deep in a rustic cabin deep in the rainforest and my laptop is my sole amusement once the sun goes down.

I will try someone else's suggestion of plugging and unplugging the external speakers fifteen times next as that was what was last plugged in. Thanks so much for putting this up. I would have never been able to work that out! Thanks again. None of these worked for me, but eventually I jammed a plastic tube the inside of a pen into the socket and rotated counterclockwise.

After a few tries it worked! Definitely a stuck switch. Got the idea from here: Saddly, It didn't work! Help me! This has been annoying me for a few days now and with your advice, YOU fixed it for me in less than a minute! However the Toothpick trick DID work!! I thank you so much for this link! Thank you so much. Your help was unbelievably perfect. Now I can play my music. Thank you for your excellent help!!!! I am so happy! Fiddled with it for ages! And the only way I could find this was by print screening the mute sign and using google image search!

A fix: Had an old set of bad headphones, cut off the jack, and used that jack plugged in, with the INPUT setting, and get speakers to work. Or buy a jack at Radio Shack for a few bucks if you have no defective phones laying around? Good luck! I had to try a couple of different times, paused the music, then unplugged the headphones, but it did finally work! Thanks so much! I followed the rules and it didn't work. I did a slight variation in that whilst the song was playing in i-tunes i pulled the headphones out and it then started to play through my internal speakers again!

I am happy camper once again! Thank you SO much. So helpful. I spent 10 minutes sticking toothpicks in my headphone jack. This worked for me, eventually, but had two do it twice. Failing for you? Try it thrice. Thanks you very much, i had been trying to fix this problem two months ago, now it is fixed You're awesome. I was just about to give up and schedule an appointment at an Apple Store. You just saved me a like 4hrs. Had no idea where to start trying to fix this problem!

My Function keys are messed up. Volume & Brightness keys don't work!

Thanks again bro'! Thank you! Why is this working to everyone but me? I did exactly what you said.. I tried, I failed, I tried again, repeated those steps a few times, and boom! Just to say thank you! People if this solution isn't working on its own, please try it again and then restart your comp, restart hadn't worked before but after this, magic!!!! Your a star, ta!! This trick didn't work from me. On another web forum though I found a trick were you use a tooth pick and it didn't work either. I decided to try with the end of a bobby pin and I put both chunks at the end of the bobby pin in.

It worked after turning it counter clockwise a few times. I got scared because it wasnt working.. LOL thanks:. Had to do this a few times for it to work but it is back on - Thank you!! Mine had a bit of dust over the optical sensor so this didn't work. You'll be happy to note that I didn't even need a proper jack..

I was stuck on mute with the red light, put the inside of an old biro in since it was sitting near.. Hi, sorry to see so many people have this problem - the problem two fold - cheap parts and bad engineering. At least some of the jack detection is hardware based, so although everybody wants to believe clicking and unclicking will fix it, if you really have the problem, it won't. I have an actual proven fix that doesn't require replacing the jack or the logic board - although it disables the digital out, so this may not be for you.

Its a permanent fix, and is reversible. Email me for more details. I solved this on macbook pro by plugging in a usb headset. Then volume in system bar was not greyed out and everything worked. Also I did not have red light issue described above. Not sure what caused this but i was using iTunes and Toast Titanium 11 to convert flac to apple lossless and importing to itunes before this glitch appeared.

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You're a genius! I was so frustrated and Apple wanted me to pay to ask a question. So glad I found your page. Thanks again! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise! This worked perfectly for me.

How to check your sound settings

Thankyou, I was using my boyfriends macbook and thought I had broken it! This worked like a charm and he never has to know, phew! I just kept doing what you said and it worked after a couple tries!!!! I had to try it a few times, but it worked eventually. Thanks for sharing these instructions. I tried everything.

What to do if the sound is not working on your Mac

The original post and everything in the comments. Eventually the toothpick broke off inside. After I fished it out, it worked perfectly. No more AKG headphones for me. Thank You!! You rock.

Mac Tip: Mastering the menu bar's volume button on Mac

Saved me a trip to the genius bar. I didn't have the red light in the headphone jack, but did have all the other symptoms and this worked like a charm. A big thank you for the post, and too Michele who helped clarify the instructions further: I am adding this to my knowledge base of Mac fixes and I thought I'd share it with you. Recently, my MacBook Pro got "confused" and I could not turn the speakers on. This will work on Macs as far back as Here is the procedure: Shut down the computer. If done correctly, the computer does not power on at this time and stays dark.

Then release the keys. The system should be back to normal now.